I'll Be There For You

Well it's been a while since we saw the Friends sixsome. Now they have familes and lives of their own. Rachel and Ross married again. Monica and Chandler have a house with Erica and Jack, who are now 17. Phoebe and Mike had kids and Joey finally settled down. Now watch as their kids try to deal with life, love and the drama that comes with it.

Erica Bing|17|Twin to Jack|FC: Ashley Benson|OPEN

Bio: Up to player

Rachel Geller|45|Executive at Polo Ralph Lauren|FC: Jennifer Aniston|TAKEN

Bio: Rachel is a very good person, although she is a little spoiled. She’s happily married to a man named Ross Geller, and they have three kids, Emma, David and Ben, a young man, from Ross’s other marriage, with woman named Carol. She works at Polo Ralph Lauren, and she likes her job very much. She’s happy person, and she’s very close to her friends, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey, and her husband Ross.

Amelia Tribbiani|20|College Sophomore/Performer at Cafe’s|FC: Naya Rivera|TAKEN

Bio: One word to describe Amelia Tribbiani is: Bitch. She’s an absolute total bitch. She’s not afraid to speak her mind to family or friends or even new people she just met. She can judge someone by them just saying hi, or be rude and point out a flaw in them. Though she seems like she’s always a bitch, she can be nice… Only when she wants to or when she likes someone enough to. Amelia isn’t only known for being a bitch, but she’s also known for being a big time partier. She usually never misses a party unless she has a good reason. Even though she’s usually rude to most people, the only people that she’s usually never mean to is her besties, Becca and Regina. The two of them know almost everything about Amelia which doesn’t make it hard for her to go to them when she has a problem. 

Rebecca “Becca” Bryant|19|College Sophmore/Barista at Central Perk|FC: Dianna Agron|TAKEN

Bio: Becca is a very kind hearted sweet girl. She tends to trust easily and is a bit naive. While she can be very happy, she can also be depressed as hell. She’s in college majoring in music composition. Her mom, Ursula Buffay, left her on Phoebe’s doorstep, telling Phoebe she couldn’t handle a kid anymore. She has never met her dad.

Everett Tribbiani || 18 || High School Senior|FC: Darren Criss|TAKEN

Everett was always the quiet one. He wasn’t much of a social butterfly nor did he enjoy partying and trouble like many other teenagers his age. While other were out getting plastered, Everett preferred being locked away in his room with his guitar. He was relatively shy around new people, but once you broke through his timid exterior he was a total goofball with a huge heart. Music and theater are his passion, along with anything art related. Things had gotten to be tough on his mother at home, she had been having a hard time and she and Everett tended to butt heads quite often. She decided to ask her brother, Joey Tribbiani, if he could stay he and his family until she got everything back together. Now that Everett is adjusting to life on the other side of town, he is excited to get closer to his cousins and meet new people.

Joey Francis Tribbiani|44|Working as an actor on a new soap “Our Darkest Secrets!”|FC: Matt LeBlanc|TAKEN

Bio: Joey Tribbiani is what you would call a goofball, he may not have very bright moments, but he gets them from time to time! He has one of the biggest and warmest hearts. If anything in his life he’s grateful for it’s his wife Sofia, and his children! He still is VERY close to his F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Don’t hurt his family or his friends, and you’ll get along just fine!

Monica Bing| 45|TBA|FC: Courtney Cox|TAKEN


Chandler Bing|45 | Statistical analysis executive |FC: Matthew Perry|TAKEN