I'll Be There For You

Well it's been a while since we saw the Friends sixsome. Now they have familes and lives of their own. Rachel and Ross married again. Monica and Chandler have a house with Erica and Jack, who are now 17. Phoebe and Mike had kids and Joey finally settled down. Now watch as their kids try to deal with life, love and the drama that comes with it.


  • ACTIVITY: I would loveloveLOVE for this to be a super active rp. Therefore. I’m doing activity checks, once a week. If you give me a reason or fair warning though, I’ll let it slide.
  • DRAMA: Dramalamadingdang. It’s gonna happen IC, we crave it in fact! But fighting ooc, that makes your admin sad. So can we keep that to a minimum? I’m not limiting your ooc posts, just no fighting please?
  • LITERACY: It’s quite easy to say, NONE of us are J.K Rowling. HOWEVER, literacy is something that needs to be used. Spelling, grammar, punctuation. It’s fabulous right?! I get we all make mistakes, but if we could keep those to a minimum…it’d be fantastic!
  • QUANTITY: I ship the Quality/Quantity ship. If it’s one WELL WRITTEN paragraph, then that’s awesome! If it’s more, even better. But if it’s 20 paragraphs rambling on about how blue Melly’s shirt is or how brown Jenna’s hair is, I tend to smack my head against a wall. This rule should speak for itself.
  • CONTENT: For a lot of us, we’re teenagers. Meaning, we swear like sailors on leave, kick the crap out of each other, have wild crazy sex, and some of us have dipped into drugs. Therefore, please be able to handle that.